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Indications, descriptions, and nutrient facts for all Mead Johnson products. Scientific evidence is central to the development of quality products at Mead Johnson. Review the weight of evidence that supports the use of DHA in the Enfamil Family of Formulas™. Mead Johnson recognizes the need for continuing education for professionals. Learn about resources on advancements in pediatric care and nutrition for nurses, residents, and physicians. Keeping up-to-date on infant and toddler nutrition and development is important for pediatric care. Obtain a schedule for upcoming pediatric conferences and events. We are building a professional community that is built for nurses by nurses. With guidance directly from the nursing community, we are developing professional resources and patient education tools to fit your needs. We are also building a community to encourage peer-to-peer communication and learning.

You may also contact Mead Johnson Medical Affairs for further assistance.

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